The story behind barefootyoga Retreats

What our trainings have to offer

For more than 10 years we are hosting AcroYoga retreats in Europe. In our retreats we offer a life changing experience that will not only teach you how to move but also how to walk your talk. Whether you’re coming from a yogic philosophy, a circus practice, any other movement background or none at all, we believe that we can create a space for everyone to explore and get in touch with the essence of AcroYoga. Our trainings are accessible for every level of experience. Whether you are an AcroYoga beginner or have years of experience.

Why AcroYoga?

What we have to say about AcroYoga

AcroYoga is more than just a sport

Through AcroYoga we learn to relax and embrace failure with a smile. It awakens and reconnects us to our inner child. We literally stop to taking everything so serious and invite a pleasurable, playful and open attitude towards life.

Stronger together through AcroYoga

The practice teaches us that teamwork is one of the greatest gifts of life. In AcroYoga we learn to work with, instead of against each other.

AcroYoga helps us to open up to life

We learn to keep an open heart and mind in moments where we usually would close up or hold back. We say yes to things we would have never thought we are capable of. We feel the support from anuplifting and loving community having our backs.

The AcroYoga soundscape

Giggles are real and they are a big part of this practice. If you really wanna know what AcroYoga is all about to come to a class, close your eyes and just listen to the soundscape.

Small talk doesn’t really exist in AcroYoga

Through the practice, we learn to communicate meaningfully, fostering deeper connections and understanding. It teaches us to set conscious boundaries and respect each other, empowering us in our community and relationships.

AcroYoga is for everybody

Whether you come alone or with someone else, our retreats offer the perfect space for everyone to connect and grow. Often people come as strangers but the leave with a feeling of belonging and community.

AcroYoga comes with a dopamine bomb

We move, play, challenge, and reward ourselves within a safe and supportive container, creating a space where we can truly thrive. Activities that might typically feel unexciting or mundane suddenly become incredibly nourishing and fulfilling.

AcroYoga is for body, heart and soul

Whether you come for the cool tricks (we got plenty of those), for the human connection or simply to spend your holiday trying something completely new… Our retreat got it all!
Big group discussion about safety in AcroYoga on the puzzle mats during our AcroYoga Retreat in Slovenia.
Three girls doing pushups during an AcroYoga warmup game in the grass.
A big group of people throwing another person up in the air. Everyones arms are up and having fun.

Tales of Transformation

Real Stories, Real Smiles!

Our retreats have empowered hundreds people around the globe, fostering connection and unforgettable memories. From healing experiences to adrenaline-pumping AcroYoga tricks, our trainings consistently exceed expectations, offering more than we could anticipate. Read what our students have to say!

Laura from Munich

This was the best experience I’ve had in a long time. Being surrounded by incredibly kind and genuine people for 7 days was truly a gift. I felt so supported to just be myself and to push myself in a healthy way. The teachers were amazing, and I’ll be following them to as many retreats as I can! There are so many things I loved about this past week—the food, the music, the morning yoga, and the evening activities were all fantastic.

Simon from Geneva

It’s been a few years since I last participated in a week-long training, but my time with barefootyoga was unforgettable. It provided a wonderful sense of community and home. It was amazing to take a break from everyday responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, and organizing, and just focus on playing, training, and chilling for a week. Pro Tip: Keep your phone tucked away in your suitcase—you’ll be amazed at how little you’ll miss it.

Marie & Adrien from France

We came for AcroYoga and ended up gaining so much more. We emptied our minds, made new friends, and let ourselves play freely and carelessly like kids, laughing more than we have in a long time. The AcroYoga tricks we learned were an adrenaline rush—challenging yet incredibly satisfying and fun to practice together. We also built a deeper connection with each other. This retreat offered everything we hoped for and more.

Ben from Amsterdam

I experienced a profound sense of safety in an environment where everyone is genuinely welcome. Barefootyoga provided the perfect setting for me to explore my limits and capacities while having a lot of fun. I connected with wonderful, like-minded people in an incredible location, creating unforgettable memories. This retreat was truly an ideal experience for me, blending personal growth, community, and joy in the most beautiful way.

From Retreats to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Earth and Community

Apart from our annual retreats where we celebrate life, nurture human connection, and immerse ourselves in nature, we also invest in sustainability. For instance, with each barefootyoga product purchased from our shop, we plant a tree. Additionally, we offer a solidarity fund to support those who cannot afford to attend our retreats. Through these initiatives and more, we aim to contribute to a better, more sustainable, and loving planet.


Most of our retreats offer spots to volunteer. This gives you the opportunity to support the community and therefore come at a reduced price. You get the chance to collaborate, work in the kitchen and prepare delicious meals for our participants. In exchange, you can join 1-2 sessions for free each day and be celebrated by our community. Want to know more about our volunteer conditions?
Two girls cooking and smiling in our outdoo kitchen in Croatia.

Planting Trees

We plant a tree for every product that you purchase in our shop. Trees inspire us with their strength and resilience, standing tall through the seasons and reminding us of the importance of nurturing our environment. By planting and protecting trees, we invest in the health and well-being of our planet, ensuring a greener, more sustainable future for all. Want to see how many trees we have planted so far, then click the image below.
Sprouting trees in a depth of field image.

Solidarity fund

We try our best to make our retreat experiences accessible for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we started a solidarity fund – together, we can make a dream come true for someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford this event. By contributing to this fund, you’re not only supporting an individual that could use your help but also supporting the whole community.
Multiple hands ontop of each other creating a mandala circle.

Throwback Treasures!

A blast from the past

Who said we can’t be loving and badass at the same time? Check out our AcroYoga highlight playlist in which we’ve combined our love for heights, creativity, and passion for movement. Dive into the fun and see where it can take you!