The story behind barefootyoga Retreats

What our trainings have to offer

For more than 10 years we are hosting AcroYoga retreats in Europe. In our retreats we offer a life changing experience that will not only teach you how to move but also how to walk your talk. Whether you’re coming from a yogic philosophy, a circus practice, any other movement background or none at all, we believe that we can create a space for everyone to explore and get in touch with the essence of AcroYoga. Our trainings are accessible for every level of experience. Whether you are an AcroYoga beginner or have years of experience.

Why AcroYoga?

What we have to say about AcroYoga

AcroYoga is more than just a sport

Through AcroYoga we learn to relax and embrace failure with a smile. It awakens and reconnects us to our inner child. We literally stop to taking everything so serious and invite a pleasurable, playful and open attitude towards life.

Stronger together through AcroYoga

The practice teaches us that teamwork is one of the greatest gifts of life. In AcroYoga we learn to work with, instead of against each other.

AcroYoga helps us to open up to life

We learn to keep an open heart and mind in moments where we usually would close up or hold back. We say yes to things we would have never thought we are capable of. We feel the support from anuplifting and loving community having our backs.

The AcroYoga soundscape

Giggles are real and they are a big part of this practice. If you really wanna know what AcroYoga is all about to come to a class, close your eyes and just listen to the soundscape.

Small talk doesn’t really exist in AcroYoga

Through the practice we learn to communicate with each other in a more meaningful and enriching way. It teaches us to define and set consciouss boundaries so we can live a more empowered life.

AcroYoga is for everybody

Whether you come alone or with someone else, our retreats offer the perfect space for everyone to connect and grow. Often people come as strangers but the leave with a feeling of belonging and community.

AcroYoga comes with a dopamine bomb

We move, play, challenge and rewards ourselves in a safe container. Things that usually would feel unexciting suddenly become really nourishing.

AcroYoga is for body, heart and soul

Whether you come for the cool tricks (we got plenty of those), for the human connection or simply to spend your holiday trying something completely new… Our retreat got it all!
Big group discussion about safety in AcroYoga on the puzzle mats during our AcroYoga Retreat in Slovenia.
Three girls doing pushups during an AcroYoga warmup game in the grass.
A big group of people throwing another person up in the air. Everyones arms are up and having fun.

Blast from the past

It's been a while

We believe that teamwork is the force in life that builds up honesty, truthfulness and community. Anybody out there seeking for self-realization shall find their fullest potential through something so empowering like AcroYoga. Have a look for yourself and see where our addiction to height, urge to follow our creativity and passion for movement has taken us in the past.