AcroYoga Retreats in Europe

Define your potential

Our trainings offers a wide range of movement practices, including AcroYoga, Partner Acrobatics, Functional Movement, Contact Improvisation, Thai Massage, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance and Community Building. The core of this week will be about exploring the power of team work, cultivating trust and strength within ourselves and as a group of dedicated movers.

AcroYoga poses behind beautiful nature background

More than just Acro

Our holistic format

Each training carries out their own special vibe. Depending on the season and the location you choose, as well as the guest teachers onboard we will embark on a unique and unforgettable adventure together. The central focus of our program is about cultivating a playful yet meaningful practice where each individual is empowered to move, connect and play. Balanced out by our morning Yoga with live music, Thai massage circles with sound baths, campfire nights with ecstatic dances and cacao ceremonies, fresh and deliciously prepared meals by our mediterranean chef and many other unique group activities, we are able to provide you with a sustainable experience and memories that will last forever.

group pictures happening during our yoga retreat
our students practicing group dynamics on the mats
demoing partner exercises during the acroyoga retreat on the mats

Testemonial & Feedback

Hear from our students

There is nothing better than spending a week amongst talented friends, moving, playing and eating amazing food at a dream location! To me it felt like I was in a magical bubble where acquiring new skills and making deep connections was as easy as it gets.
I loved the uplifting and motivational vibe, that everyone was supporting each other to learn new acro tricks on their individual level and that there was also time to just chill, have a chat, jam, swim or giving eachother a nice thai massage. Oh, how much I value this incredible week with barefootyoga.
We came to improve our Acroyoga skills but what we got wo sooo much more. We learned about movement in such a profound way, about what community truly means and most of all, how important self-care is. Honestly our time in Croatia was life-changing and I can highly recommend this experience. We'll be back!
I had such a great time, it really felt like I was right where I was meant to be. The coaches were all helpful and super knowledgeable, the environment was amazing, the food was too good to be true... but most of all I've found my tribe and I really can't wait to be back!
If you're after one of the most heartwarming and wholesome acroyoga experience out there, you must attend on a barefootyoga retreat! You'll make friends for life, they'll show you best of acro in the world and you'll eat like king & queens! Don't think twice <3
This retreat was the perfect space to practice the art of acroyoga, surrounded by beautiful nature and an amazing teachers team that helped me spike my practice. The food was absolutely incredible and the instructors truly inspiring. You'll have so much fun at this retreat, learning new skills and challenge yourself in new ways, that will make you grow not only physically but also personally. See you again soon!
I loved the spirit of all of you and the people in the retreat. You created an area of warmth, playfulness, open communication and trust, where everyone could explore movement as well as internal processes in his or her own pace. There was so much respect and presence and you taught more than just acroyoga to us.
The retreat with barefootyoga was so much more than what I expected! I feel like I found my tribe. My body is stronger, my heart fulfilled and my curiosity is bigger than ever before. I left with a heart skipping a little faster because of all the incredible memories and deep connections that I got to make.
It was the best retreat I could have ever imagined. The team is funny, responsible, positive and teaches in such a safe way. I felt so much good energy and loved the sensation to be part of a family for the time being. My week was fulfilling, fun, and challenging. I was fed extremely well everyday with company from kind and hilarious acro yogis.
This retreat was exactly what we were looking for. We made new friends from all over the world, leveled up our acro skills, practiced yoga in the mornings, ate delicious food, relaxed and spent time at the beach. Thank you to all the teachers and organizers for making this happen <3
This was the best holliday I had in a looong time! It gave me the opportunity to experience something new, to challenge myself in a safe environment, to connect with like-minded people, find my inner child again and be nourished in this mindfully orchestrated space that was created for us... I didn't expect to unwind so quickly and find deep meaningful connections within such a short time!
It was a great week with lovely people and great teachers. The program was well structured and there were so many interesting workshops and events offered. The place is amazing and the food super delicious! Highly recommend! Honestly one can really feel the effort and love you put into all of this. I learnt so much from you guys. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone of you who made this week such an unforgettable experience.
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Start your AcroYoga journey today

Join the training that fits your vibe

You can choose between our 7-day AcroYoga retreat in spring, summer and autumn in beautiful Croatia or lush Slovenia. In this format we offer you more than 8 hours of training a day. The perfect training for AcroYoga beginners and intermediate practitioners. Learn all about this empowering practice and join us on a one way ticket to the moon. We also offer a 4-day Handstand intensive in the summer in Slovenia which focuses specifically on Handstands and AcroYoga inversions. For this training you will need to bring a little bit of experience in order to parcticipate.


Spring Upside Down

26 May - 1 June | Croatia

Three two doing handstands in a collage next to each other.

Handstand Intensive

17 - 21 July | Slovenia


Quantum Soul

22 - 28 July | Slovenia



5 - 11 Sept. | Croatia

Our Locations in Slovenia and Croatia

Where do you want to go?

We only choose the finest locations for our retreats. A place in nature where you can relax, rejuvinate and dive deep into the practices. After all this retreat we are offering you good balance between holiday and training, adventure and going inwards while being in a nourishng environment.


Amid endless hectares of olive groves, we will reside in a charming 200-year-old and nicely renovated farmhouses. The scent of lavender, rosemary and other Mediterranean herbs is so omnipresent that it will be easy to pour your heart into this adventure. For the water lovers among you, we have two swimming pools and the ocean is only a 5 minute drive away. Our location offers you to either stay in one of the houses or camp/park your van on the premises.

house and pool near olive grooves in croatia


With the magnificent view on the Skofja Loka Hills, the Kravanke and the Julian Alps, we will find shelter in a well equipped farm house. The family of the place has owned the land for more than 300 years and makes their own milk, cheese and schnaps. Surrounded by lush green hills and endless hectars of forest and a 10 drive to the river we will embark on this journey together. You can choose between sharing a room with others or camp/park your van in our garden.

green hills in slovenia during our acroyoga retreat

Our Teachers Team

Meet your future tribe

With a team of international renowned teachers we have created a program that will change your life forever. Our teachers are not only skilled acrobats but also well trained pedagogues, passionate in their field. Each teacher brings their own unique style of teaching, yet coherent on barefootyoga’s mission to take you one wing flap closer to sun.

introduction of teachers from all around the globe

Your Acro Training

All you need to know

All of our classes are held in an uplifting, fun and refreshing way. During our free training all of our teachers will be present giving you refinements and progressions to empower your practice. We love to celebrate each other success and encourage you to unfold their own signature in this practice. The best part of this journey is that you will not only become a great AcroYogi but also make friends for life!

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Our Catering

Food for body 'n soul

Three times a day we will tickle your palate with vegetarian and vegan delights made by our famous barefootyoga kitchen crew. We strive to provide local and seasonal food from organic markets around the area as much as possible.

collage of food at our retreats and smiling chefs holding a spoon

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