10 Year Anniversary –
AcroYoga Gathering Europe

11 - 15 September 2024, Croatia

barefootyoga turns 10 and we are excited to celebrate this unique AcroYoga gathering with you. Over 10 years, we have been committed to create a nurturing and supportive environment where people from all walks of life can explore, not only the practice of AcroYoga but also their human super powers. The core of our community offers a playful, yet meaningful and deep human connection.

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Your festival teachers

Meet the workshop presenters

Collage of guest teachers at our 10 year anniversary event. Lots of happy and funny faces.

Let’s celebrate 10 years of togetherness

And expand our horizon with joy

During our 4 day gathering we will be offering a unique combination of workshops ranging from yoga, martial arts, dance, play fight, breathwork, cold water exposure, body percussion, radical relating, clay sculpting and much more. One of the highlights of this weekend will be us celebrating with daily acro jams and afternoons at the beach bathing in the sun and water – yummy!

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What to expect

10 reasons why we think you should join

Join us on this celebrative journey where each guest teacher offers a unique gift with the community. The goal of this gathering is to inspire you to live a more fulfiled, sustained and playful life. Enhancing the communication with our bodies and the environment within and around us.

Discover deep states of relaxation and promote self-healing throughout your whole system.
Play fight
Enable a lighthearted and enjoyable practice that allows you to engage in friendly physical interaction.
Learn about universal principles and the interconnection of life with nature and the elements.
Ice Bathing
Let us boost your mood, blood circulation and improve your overall health in a fun and refreshing way.
Radical Relating
Let us challenge your societal norms and foster deeper connections based on authenticity & consent.
Voice liberation
Free up your voice by exploring different ways of sounding, vibrating and singing to each other.

Everything about this gathering

08:00-09:15 Warm Up & Breathwork
09:30-11:00 Breakfast
11:00-12:30 Movement Workshops
12:30-13:30 Jam Time
13:30-17:00 Lunch, Beach & Chill
17:00-19:00 Afternoon Workshops
19:00-20:30 Dinner
20:30-22:00 Surprise Program

  • Yoga
  • Pranyama
  • Sound Healing
  • AcroYoga Jams
  • Breathwork
  • Cold Plunge
  • Body Painting
  • Authentic Relating
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Bodywork
  • Excursions

This festival has no level requirements and is open for everyone. We are excited to be sharing an inclusive and open hearted time with you.

All of our classes are held in an uplifting, fun and refreshing way. During free training all of our teachers will be present giving you useful tips and tricks to empower your practice.

This is a child friendly festival. Children until 8 years of age come for free and only pay € 100.- Please note that during all activities parents are responsible for their children. For safety reasons we ask you to keep the children off the mats during heavy physical activities like AcroYoga.

Paradise is waiting for YOU!

Amid endless hectares of olive groves, we will reside in a charming 200-year-old and nicely renovated farmhouses. The scent of lavender, rosemary and other Mediterranean herbs is so omnipresent that it will be easy to pour your heart into this adventure. For the water lovers among you, we have two swimming pools and the ocean is only a 5 minute drive away. Our location offers you to either stay in one of the houses or camp on the premises.

Croatia acroyoga retreat, lavender, beach, water, sunset, pool, olive grooves, holiday

You can choose between staying in a 2-bed room apartment or camp in your own tent/van amidst the olive groves. In case you are signing up alone and want to sleep indoors, please reach out to us through this contact form before you continue your booking. We are happy to check the availability of our rooms for you.

Croatia acroyoga retreat, rooms, double shared deluxe, training and holliday, pool olive grooves, holiday

Three times a day we will tickle your palate with vegetarian and vegan delights made by our famous barefootyoga kitchen crew. We strive to provide local and seasonal food from organic markets around the area as much as possible.

Food, buffet, chefs, desert, pasta, salad

Arrival: Wednesday, September 11th 2024 – 4 pm
Departure: Sunday, September 15th 2024 – 10am

Our location is based 30 minutes north of Pula and can be easily reached by car. If you were planning on traveling by public transport (bus/train/plane), we can offer you a pick up from Pula bus station or Pula airport. Another option would be flying into Trieste or Zagreb and rent a car from there. In any case please consider sharing your ride with a fellow participants. Once registered we will share a link with you where you can offer or request carpooling.

Your all inclusive festival package

  • Price €350-€490 includes:
  • 4 x nights & 3 x full days
  • 3 x warm vegetarian meals a day
  • 16 x workshops in different disciplines
  • 6 hours of workshop content daily
  • 150m² training space with puzzle mats
  • 2 swimming pools for your refreshment
  • free photoshoot with the community
  • plenty of space to chill out & wifi
  • a festival wrapped into a juicy package

Still got questions? Drop us a message!

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