Acroventure 2024 –

Acroyoga Retreat

5 - 11 September 2024, Croatia

This AcroYoga retreat is taking place in beautiful Croatia. We are teaching basic and advanced techniques with up to 8 hours of daily practice. Our training offers a wide range of movement practices, including AcroYoga, Partner Acrobatics, Functional Movement, Contact Improvisation, Thai Massage, Yoga, Ecstatic Dance and Community Building. The core of this week will be about cultivating trust and strength, within ourselves and as a group of dedicated movers.

AcroYoga poses behind beautiful nature background

Your Acro Training Schedule

08:00-09:15 Yoga
09:30-11:00 Breakfast
11:00-13:30 AcroYoga & Games
13:30-16:00 Lunch & Beach Break
16:00-18:00 AcroYoga
18:00-19:00 Jam Time & Decompress
19:00-20:30 Dinner
20:30-22:00 Massage, Music, Campfire, Cacao & Extatic Dance

  • AcroYoga & Partner Acrobatics
  • Handstands & Hand2Hand
  • Flows & Washing Machines
  • Whips, Pops & Icarians
  • Trios & Group Acro
  • Communication Exercises
  • Thai Massage & Bodywork
  • Community & lot’s of Fun

This retreat is open for all-levels. We are running a beginner and intermediate track at the same time, so everyone can choose the level they want to work on.

All of our classes are held in an uplifting, fun and refreshing way. During free training all of our teachers will be present giving you useful tips and tricks to empower your practice.

Your Teachers

Two girls on the beach practicing AcroYoga on a sunny day.

Dasha Kalinikina

Dasha is a dedicated Acrobat who practiced AcroYoga since 2010. Her background is a Yoga and Thai massage. She started one of the first to teach in Russia and helped to community to grow and flourish. Today Dasha is traveling, studying and teaching AcroYoga all over the world. She is well known for her precise teaching, dedication towards the detail in flows, pops, icarian, slackro (combination of Acro & Slacklining) and hand2hand. With her deep dedication she is constantly reaching for the stars and keeps on inventing new flows to share with the community.

Dasha will be co-teaching with Mar on this retreat. Together they will offer a mind blowing program full of creativity, action and joy for you to enjoy and learn from.

IG: @dasha_kalinikina

Two girls on the beach practicing AcroYoga on a sunny day.

Mar Gonzalez

You like fluidity and transformation? This is, what defines Mar – not only as an acroyogi, but also as a dancer and a fashion designer. Based in Barcelona, Mar has special interest in all the movement disciplines as acrobatic dance, tribal fusion bellydance, contemporary dance, contact dance and flamenco. She has been learning and teaching all over the world in research of the middle path between dance & acroyoga since nine years ago.

At this retreat she will not only share her unique style in Acroyoga with us – teaching together with Dasha – she will also bring some of her wonderful clothes for a litte market place.


Guy playing ukulele while another person standing on his head

Juri Kussmaul

Juri is a playful AcroYoga teacher, Circus Performer, Musician and Artist of many Disciplines based in Berlin. 10 years ago after studying Architecture and Sculpture (fine art) he discovered his passion for AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics. Since then he’s researching, teaching and performing a mixture of Acroyoga combined with the pleasure of the game from physical theater which he studied at physical theater schools in France.

Juri will be teaching Acrobatics and share his playful style with you during this retreat.

IG: @jurikussmaul

Girl being upside down in a handstand, balancing on a guys hand overlooking a green landscape and lake during a hot summer day.

Victoria Mclarty

Meet our Aussie friend Tori, the dynamic acrobat, educator, and event organiser, whose enchanting spirit adds a touch of magic to every endeavour. With a remarkable journey through the realms of movement, Tori’s expertise has blossomed from her national-level achievements in horse riding and surfing. Her journey led her to climbing and the soaring heights of the flying trapeze, this love of flying was sparked again when she found partner acrobatics.Tori’s approach is an embodiment of generosity and support, as she intuitively guides and inspires her students, all while infusing an abundance of joy into every lesson.

Join Tori in unlocking the secrets of partner acrobatics and fostering deep connections, all within an atmosphere of pure fun.

IG: @flytoria

AcroYoga Pose, Foot to foot, standing Acrobatics, in Slovenia, Photoshoot

Issy Denman

Issy first fell in love with acro whilst studying languages at university in England. Since then she has enjoyed travelling around and deepening and widening her practice as she is inspired by more and more people and movement styles. Currently based in Germany, she is working on improving her juggling, handstand and violin skills, whilst always coming back to her first love of acro.

Issy is excited to be teaching acro classes on this retreat. Her teaching encourages each individual to listen to and be led by their own body, whilst never forgetting to find the fun and laughter in our practice!

IG: @idenman

Guy sitting like a monkey on a street sign making monkey sounds.

Mathias Kluger

Mathias holds a master degree in Economics and Sustainability, worked for NGO’s, as a school teacher and runs adventure weeks in the woods for kids. With more than 800 hours of YTT experience he regularly teaches in Sri Lanka, India and Austria. Mathias likes to teach a strong physical practice, combining a modern approach with old traditional methods. He loves to share the whole magic of Yoga so he classes are often infused with breathwork, meditation and his in-depth knowledge about philosophy. His classes are designed to cater the needs of his students. Being a DJ for more than ten years, Mathias brings his love for sound and vibration not only to some Yoga classes but also to Ecstatic Dances and other events.

In this retreat Mathias will be giving five wonderful Yoga classes, supported by Wotans live music, one Cacao Ceremony and one Extatic Dance – so be ready to dance your socks off!

IG: @mathiaskluger

Guys playing a handpan on the Croatian coest line during a beautiful sunrise.

Wotan Alvaro Sun

Founder of the blossoming Heart Culture Festival, experienced musician on stage and father of two beautiful children, obviously loves what he does. Using sound healing, Wotan guides people at workshops, retreats, single session`s and circle gatherings world wide to truly connect with their souls and fellows. As an intuitiv coach and herbal medicine producer he is gifted with a wide tool selection to support people finding their own wealth and joy in life.

Wotan will be playing his music during yoga classes, campfires and the evening bodywork sessions. Be ready for a pure delight for your ears and heart!

IG: @wotan_medicine_music

Guy standing in the garden looking relaxed

Gabe Moves

Originally from Austria, Gabe loves to spend his time traveling, learning about other cultures and enjoying foreign food. With a heart full of humor and arms so long he once managed to hug 5 people at once, he is facilitating workshops, retreats and teacher trainings all around the globe. Gabe is well known for his unique and precise way of teaching. His passion for bodywork gives him the opportunity to welcome and embrace people from all walks of life.

As the founder of Gabe will be hosting this retreat and leading the teachers team. He will be involved with the logistics, the photoshoot and supporting the team in the background.

IG: @movewithgabe

Your Stay with Us

Amid endless hectares of olive groves, we will reside in a charming 200-year-old and nicely renovated farmhouses. The scent of lavender, rosemary and other Mediterranean herbs is so omnipresent that it will be easy to pour your heart into this adventure. For the water lovers among you, we have two swimming pools and the ocean is only a 5 minute drive away. Our location offers you to either stay in one of the houses or camp on the premises.

Croatia acroyoga retreat, lavender, beach, water, sunset, pool, olive grooves, holiday

Our location offers 2-bed room apartment that are meant to be shared. If you sign up alone and want more privacy, you can opt-in for a private upgrade with a surcharge. For this please reach out to us through this contact form before you continue your booking. We are happy to check availability for you.

Croatia acroyoga retreat, rooms, double shared deluxe, training and holliday, pool olive grooves, holiday

You can choose between camping in a tent or come with a van. Our location allows you to park your van directly on the camping ground, near a beautiful and big olive farm. Please note that campers will need to bring their own camping gear.

Collage of camping options at yoga retreat. Camping, tent, hammock, van. Green nature. Olive trees.

Three times a day we will tickle your palate with vegetarian and vegan delights made by our barefootyoga kitchen crew. We strive to provide local and seasonal food from the area as much as possible.

Food, buffet, chefs, desert, pasta, salad

Arrival: Thursday, September 5th 2024 – 4 pm
Departure: Wednesday, September 11th 2024 – 10am

Our location is based 30 minutes north of Pula and can be easily reached by car. If you were planning on traveling by public transport (bus/train/plane), we can offer you a pick up from Pula bus station or Pula airport. Another option would be flying into Trieste or Zagreb and rent a car from there. In any case please consider sharing your ride with a fellow participants. Once registered we will share a link with you where you can offer or request carpooling.

Your Holiday Package

    • Price €700-€900 includes:
    • 6 x nights & 5 x full days
    • 3 x warm vegetarian meals a day
    • 21 x workshops in different levels & disciplines
    • 7 hours of workshop content daily
    • 150m² training space with puzzle mats
    • 2 swimming pools for your daily refreshment
    • free acro-photoshoot
    • free wifi & plenty of space to chill out
    • holiday & training all wrapped into a juicy package
  • Double booking: € 25 discount
  • Returning student: € 25 discount

You would like to extend your stay and join us for another retreat right before/afterward this one? (Valid for our retreats in July, e.g. Quantum Soul & Handstand Intensive) Then we have an additional € 50 discount for you. Just mention #back2back in your registration and make sure to register for both events.

Still got questions? Drop us a message!

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