Thai Massage Workshops

In Zurich / Switzerland

Thai Massage has been practiced by monks in monasteries for more than 2,500 years. It is a practice that is based on Buddhist philosophy, Yogic stretches and Energy release techniques. During a session the recipient is fully clothed and the body is being gently compressed, lengthened, stretched and rocked. Sometimes the client is laying on his back, front or even sits up while recieving the treatment.

Collage of thai massage positions. Girl being massaged, stretched and lengthened.

The Format

In this workshop series you will learn a multidimensional approach towards bodywork. The content will focus on the exploration of the depths of mindful touch and moving motion, based on the ancient philosophy of Thai Massage. These techniques will help your body to relax, release and reorganize. Depending on the topic each workshop will have different emphasis, yet it will remain truthful to the essence of Thai Massage.


Person giving a relaxing thai massage on the floor. The picture shows a lush and green background.

Currently there are no workshops planned!


Guy standing in the garden looking relaxed

Gabriel Schüers

Gabriel is a medical massage therapist with more than 15 years of experience in the field. He has dedicated his life to healing arts and human connection. As a young man he visited places like Hawaii, Thailand and Japan where he studied about bodywork, movement and breath. During the past decade he has held over 40 AcroYoga retreats and leads a thriving community that offers a great variety of movement gatherings in Europe and abroad. Gabriel is well known for his unique and precise way of teaching. His experience as a social worker and massage therapist gives him the opportunity to embrace people from all walks of life.


    • This workshop serie is open for all-levels
    • No need to have any previous experience
    • Each workshop runs for 4 hours
    • Investement between CHF 90-120
    • A set of comfortable clothes
    • A sarong or thin blanket
    • A bottle of water to refill
    • Cozy atelier near Friesenberg (Kreis 3 / Zurich)
    • Address will be sent to you after your registration
    • Workshops can be booked single or in a package
    • Please note that we have limited spots available
    • Follow the orange button below to register

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